Least Cost Routing

Up to 30% Cheaper Telephone calls, Line Rental and Broadband.

As a leading supplier and installer of Least Cost Routing, Criterion Systems Limited can provide the complete solution for your company. If you like the idea of saving money on your company’s phone bills yet would like to keep the reliability of BT, Least Cost Routing is for you. That’s because we enable you to enjoy substantial savings on local, national, international, cellular and premium rate calls. There is absolutely no disruption to your existing service, and there is no need to change any of your telephone numbers. In fact, the only thing that will change is your phone bill, in many cases by saving up to 30% and more.

telephone Our Least Cost Routing division is experienced in meeting your needs:-

  • Keep the reliability and dependability of BT
  • Competitive rates in comparison to other LCR providers
  • Detailed phone bills showing. all calls, usage summary and more
  • Fully trained and experienced engineers will program your system or install your LCR routing equipment
  • No disruption to your telephone system
  • Minimum contract is only one month, after that you are free to cancel
  • No installation charges, setup charges or hidden costs

Visit www.verygoodbills.com for more information on our telephone lines, minutes and business broadband.

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