Avaya K155 Handset


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The Avaya Vantage K155 is a Third Generation UC device that meets the multi-dimensional needs of a new multi-dimensional generation of communicators. Designed for users that prefer a traditional Dialpad & functional keys, the device is suitable for users within large enterprises using Avaya Aura® as well as for smaller businesses that use Avaya’s IP Office™ platform. Avaya Vantage K155 is loaded with capabilities that enable it to deliver unique user experiences. Using this powerful, customizable device, you can have unique custom experiences that mesh into your workflows and business processes. With Avaya Vantage™ K155, you enjoy the advantages of a desktop device and flexibility of an application platform—it’s modern, connected, and personalized.


Key Features and Benefits Contemporary, Cool Form Factor The innovative Avaya Vantage™ K155 is a cool, modular device with possibilities to have various form factors. It comes with an integrated camera, optional / detachable cradle with cordless / corded handset—giving you the flexibility to choose a corded, cordless handset or skip one, if you like. Avaya Vantage™ K155 can run available Android applications and has the standard Android Back, Home and Overview button controls as part of the keypad buttons in order to make full use of the 5-inch capacitive touchscreen available. It is simple and easy to deploy—could be wall mount or just placed on a desk, and has a small footprint on the desktop.


Avaya Vantage K155 is built to provide acoustic excellence and performance in a single dedicated device. Engineered for audio and video communications, it is always on, in-reach, and ready. It embodies enterprise quality audio, making it an excellent communications device for audio and video calling, and application integration. Highly Customizable Avaya Vantage K155 is an expression of the next generation of dedicated engagement devices that mesh brilliantly with today’s mobile workflows. It is highly customizable and empowers the users with Avaya Breeze Client SDK, a software development kit to embed communications features into workflow based business applications. Customers can use Avaya Vantage Connect client, a simple app designed for audio and video calling. It delivers an easy-to-use, full featured voice communications experience.